When farmers unite to defend U.S. agriculture, we all win.

Farmers are the backbone of America. Values like responsibility, honesty, and hard work drive everything they do. But California regulations have endangered the livelihood of growers all over America. Agriculture is under siege and that drives up costs for everyone. Now, growers are standing up for what is right and taking action to Fix Prop 65.
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Standing our ground.

A national alliance of farmers and agricultural networks has come together to challenge California’s unjustified Prop 65 listing of glyphosate, one of modern agriculture’s most valuable tools and an industry standard across the world. Additionally, 11 state attorneys general have also filed briefs joining the cause to protect agriculture in their states. Look, farming is really hard in today’s economy and this wrong threatens to make it even harder. Now growers are standing up and fighting back.
We’re taking California to court.

“The unified voice of this diverse coalition of agriculture and business groups illustrates the devastating impact California’s flawed action would have across the country. California’s erroneous warning about glyphosate is unconstitutional and would result in higher food costs, crushing blows to state and agricultural economies and lost revenue up and down the entire supply chain.”

Gordon Stoner
FORMER President of the National Association of Wheat Growers

Protecting the future of farming.

Farmers work tirelessly to put food on America’s tables, and glyphosate is a vital tool that they have trusted for decades. Every regulatory body in the world that has reviewed glyphosate has found it safe for use. Yet one French organization with a dubious record published a different and invalid opinion and California has sided with them, adding glyphosate to the state’s Prop 65 list. Standing up to this unprecedented legal attack, growers are determined to protect how America farms. And the consumers who depend on it.

Why We Need to Fix the Wrongs of Prop 65

Higher operating costs threaten farmers’ way of life and ability to feed America
Higher food costs hurt American consumers
Alternatives to glyphosate hurt the environment

is Safe for Use

An industry standard, glyphosate is an essential, safe, and cost-effective tool for farmers who have used it for more than four decades and who depend on its continued use.

There is no alternative that has the same or comparable effectiveness, price point, and environmental/safety profile as glyphosate.
It is approved and regulated by U.S. regulatory agencies for application in over 250 agricultural crops throughout the United States.

Press Releases

JUNE 13, 2018
Federal Judge Rules Against California’s Attorney General in Prop 65 Case
FEB 27, 2018
Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Agriculture Coalition’s Request to Halt California’s ‘False and Misleading’ Prop 65 Labeling of Glyphosate
FEB 19, 2018
National Ag Coalition Taking California to Court Tuesday Over
JAN 3, 2018
Attorneys General from Across U.S. Take Action Against California’s Flawed Prop 65 Regulation on Glyphosate

In the News

MAR 20, 2018
A cancer “warning” that serves no purpose
JAN 6, 2018
EPA says glyphosate is unlikely carcinogenic
JAN 3, 2018
Support won from 11 US states in California cancer dispute
DEC 20, 2017
US EPA says glyphosate not likely to be carcinogenic to people

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