Press Releases

JUNE 13, 2018
Federal Judge Rules Against California’s Attorney General in Prop 65 Case
FEB 27, 2018
Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Agriculture Coalition’s Request to Halt California’s ‘False and Misleading’ Prop 65 Labeling of Glyphosate
FEB 19, 2018
National Ag Coalition Taking California to Court Tuesday Over
JAN 3, 2018
Attorneys General from Across U.S. Take Action Against California’s Flawed Prop 65 Regulation on Glyphosate
DEC 19, 2017
EPA Delivers Blow to California’s Prop 65 Rule on Glyphosate
DEC 7, 2017
Agriculture Coalition Outlines Irreparable Harm to Farmers, Consumers, Ag Economy; Asks Federal Court to Halt California’s Flawed Prop 65 Requirement
NOV 15, 2017
Agriculture Coalition Takes Action Against California’s Flawed Classification of Environmentally-Safe Herbicide